Raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Justin was a natural born beer lover. Obsessed with all things beer, he started home brewing after his wife gifted him a small brewing kit on their wedding day. He grew that obsession into making unique and modern beer cap art after sketching the idea out on his in-laws dining room table.  Now he’s happy to be able to share his designs with other beer lovers. Justin believes that beer is a lifestyle and is rooted in exploration and discovery of new things. His art is a reflection of this lifestyle.  As a Level One Cicerone, he hopes to educate a little here and there too. 

Made with a distressed wood grain pattern, laser-cut, archival-quality matte board, and thick glass, each beer cap piece comes ready for your cap collection. Choose your state, your favorite beer shape, or put a few together for a unique set. Have a name or special date etched into the matte for a unique touch. Individualize it. Make it yours.